Back the World’s Most Extraordinary Talent     

Join us online for AdaCon 2022
Tuesday 4th October, 2 to 4 pm BST

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In its fourth year, AdaCon is our annual global conference held every year in October near Ada Lovelace Day. 

We believe that venture capital and tech should be fair and equitable 

VC can feel like a closed shop. Too often VCs do not take an inclusive approach to investment, missing out on great talent & ideas, and discouraging founders from recognising that their ideas can change the world.
Now, more than ever, is the time for us to come together to back the world’s most extraordinary talent addressing the world’s biggest challenges. 


Who is AdaCon for?

  • Founders facing barriers on their road
    to their first institutional round. 

  • Founders building for large underserved markets, groups and communities. 

  • Tech ecosystem leaders and supporters driving change including VCs, LPs, politicians, policy makers & journalists.  

  • Everyone who is interested in making venture and tech more inclusive. 


Previous speakers

About Ada Ventures

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to drive positive change and will continue to look for talent in the places where others are not looking.

Our focus is to discover and build the possibility of these bold ideas, and provide investment to support the incredible founders behind them. Whoever and wherever they are.

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